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Eric Kandel and the Orgasm Fallacy

Eric Kandel and the Orgasm Fallacy
Eric Kandel is at no risk of getting Alzheimer's or Parkinson's since he lets his mental sex cinema take its course

The Medical University of Vienna celebrated its 10-year long existence with the exhibition “Under the Skin”. On this occasion Eric Kandel gave a lecture, which would have been easier to understand also for the attending professors of medicine if it were to talk about fucking, fapping instead of using artistic technical terms, which can not be absorbed emotionally and therefore do not lead to reasonable reflections, thought-provoking impulses or conclusions.

What is exciting is that Eric Kandel, as the Loosreport, Freud, Reich, Jung, as well as Kinsey, Masters and Johnson and what they are called, were collecting information out of an animalistic interest and through observations, on the one hand about the biological, on the other hand about the emotional sexuality and therefore the conjunction of both. They all come up to an almost equal method of elicitation even though they basically all began in an independent way and they do not even in hindsight recognize the parallelism to the extent it is actually given.

At 85 years, Eric Kandel has been married to a fascinating woman (who can be seen in the main picture) for years. She is a psychiatrist and also researches and teaches at Columbia University in New York. Her knowledge and her opinion about what Eric Kandel proclaims in his lectures would be more than interesting.

Eric Kandel is at no risk of getting Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s since he lets his sexual mental cinema take its course and does not read social problematic porn, but by watching Klimt, Schiele or other explicit artworks and the sexual actions that can be seen there – as well as by the visible actions as by the ones which emerge in his head- he does not limit his sexual thoughts.  The restriction of sexual thoughts is according to the cause of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson.

At the objective lecture Eric Kandel reported on the huge sexual knowledge of Klimt regarding the sexuality of the woman, because he fucked with 3400 women.

When the information broker of the Loosreport asked what made Eric Kandel think that Klimt, just because he had fucked with 3400 women, had knowledge about the female orgasm, Kandel replied with a description of the obviously not functional sexuality of Sigmund Freud. In short, Eric Kandel did not know an answer.

When the information broker of the Loosreport asked again what the malfunctioning sexuality of the Sigmund Freud had to do with the claim that a man, who had fucked with 3400 women, had knowledge of the female orgasm, Kandel responded that he did not understand the question. The information broker then demanded again that Schnitzler, who was also mentioned in the lecture, described the not practiced coitus, for example in the “Dream Story”. Kandel responded to this with what he had already said in his lecture, namely that in his diaries, Schnitzler described every orgasm very detailed. This is baffling since Arthur writes in “Dream Story” detailed that the women dreams of the orgasm and that the men goes around without fucking. He tries to get information on how to satisfy a woman. He also gives a hint that he wants to make an effort for his own wife, as Sebastian Koch shared in his reading of the “Dream Story” in Josefstadt in Vienna in november 2014.

In the following discussion, which Eric Kandel did not want to have in front of more than 400 people in the Medical University, it became apparent that the Nobel laureate only talked about the orgasm of the man when talking about Klimt as well as Schnitzler. When he was made aware that it has nothing to do with the orgasm of women, Eric Kandel replied in a vivid way: “Well, it is surely clear that men don’t cut it, but that’s another problem”. With that, the explanation was done.

With all these observations Eric Kandel unconsciously realizes the necessity of women’s satisfaction, but without making it the subject. Eric Kandel also has extensive knowledge of what Freud, Jung, Reich, Schnitzler and Klimt said about sexuality. Eric Kandel explained how the art of the 19th century in Vienna influenced the literature and painting and it’s close contact with medicine down to the present day.

What should have attracted Eric Kandel’s attention is why the most important Freud-biographer, Peter Gay, writes about the accomplished lover Freud and his effort towards his later wife, and then Peter Gay exposed that she was a virgin at the time of marriage.
Admittedly, there were six children at Freud’s, but no sexuality. This is noticeable e.g. by the fact that the sister of Freud’s wife was lying in the end room, and the matrimonial bedchamber was a walk-through room.

The incestious relationsip (though it is not likely that it was ever acted out) between Sigmund Freud and his daughter Anna Freud should have made Kandel aware of the fact that the same problem happened with Schnitzler. Schnitzler was suddenly confronted when he got divorced from his wife. Why does a woman get divorced from a man, who is so sexually potent and so good that he jacks off eight times a day according to his diary? The 11-year old daughter and the son stayed with Schnitzler. What happens with a woman at the age of 11? Sexual maturity.

What happens when a daughter, who is with her father, a man, at the time of the sexual maturity, on top of that without a mother? Everybody knows what a stallion will do to his daughter when the rival does not prevent it. This is a biological fact. This is being ignored. And what is the consequence? The daughter marries an Italian and then kills herself in Venice.

It is astonishing that among the sexual Nobel prize winners (only the sexuality gives energy for research and discoveries, such as with Carl Djerassi, who invented the pill), as with Schnitzler, the daughter kills herself. It must however attract attention that it is the oppression of female sexuality.

Francis Crick, who got a Nobel prize for the DNA: „Several exhibitions have been held of Crick's paintings of curvaceous nudes. Her models included her husband's secretaries and au pairs for their children.

The Cricks became famous for their parties in the 1960s either in Cambridge or at a cottage near Haverhill. At one party, a nude model posed on a couch to encourage their guests to become amateur painters.“

This statement of the Loosreport’s information broker, who gave it on that evening, is namely that he does not share the opinion that Klimt, just because he had sexual conctact with 3400 women, has any knowledge of the female sexuality. This led to a silent applause and a subsequent congratulation from young men. This especially shows that there is sensibility of men regarding the quality of female sexuality.

It is a fact that a one night stand is only a one night stand because quality is so bad that you do not want to do it a second time, neither as a man nor as a woman. The fantasies of the Eric Kandel were allowed full bent. He described that the muses - for Klimt they were women - came. A man was also there and they were fucking in the presence of Klimt, and as needed, Klimt joined or not. There are if only a few animal species who tolerate that another male fucks next to them. That could be an explanation as to why pimps are actually gay. What kind of men wants “his” woman to be fucked by another man, now matter how much money he gets for it?

When Eric Kandel denied Freud the knowledge of female sexuality, he misjudges that gays, as can be seen with Strauß and other playwriters, are the best connoisseurs of female sexuality. They hear what women tell them about it.

Precisely because Freud was totally ignorant when it came to sexual practice (the six kids did not require frequent sexual activity), he was able to realize so much.

Gays often say that they have slept with women, and that it was boring. Only the orgasm of the woman is not boring. Everything else requires a way of variation with a loser - of the respective woman. It is a known fact you can also read in reports of Schnitzler and Freud that in the 19th century, the hysteria of women was healed with the precursors of vibrators, which nowadays is legally forbidden if done by the doctor. There is of course a difference whether the doctor as a man fights the hysteria with a vibrator, or if the women uses a vibrator herself. Naturally, this does not achieve the same success. This method of treatment of the 19th century is now legally forbidden by law and the doctor would be sentenced as a sex offender.

Eric Kandel talks about the orgasm and with it he means the ejaculation of the man. Thereby he does not realize that this is not even the orgasm of the man. A homosexual can come no matter how often. For this reason porn actors are often homosexual, because it is nothing but an addictive behavior. The actors are constantly jacking and that is comparable to a jacking competition. With that it does not matter where he puts his dick, in a the hole of a mattress, a knothole, and wherever else.

How often a man, who is asked, can come can be well observed in the animal world. In the so called rutting season or toleration phase, or however one may call it when a female animal is sexually active, the chosen one has to satisfy all women who are willing. The one who is not chosen does not even have a turn. The female deer chooses the roebuck and not the other way around. The male animal, whose sperm is desired, has to fuck any number of times and deliver his genotype, or, like Eric Kandel says, he has sex with many women.

Kandel emphasized in his lecture that from a scientific point of view, romance and fucking are two sides of the same coin.

The orgasm, which Eric Kandel talks about, is not an orgasm, but an emptying, which can well be seen by the portrayal of the depression of Arthur Schnitzler, but also by many homosexuals. The countless ejaculation at nothing, without the orgasm of a woman, makes one depressive.

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